April 23, 2024 09:50:39

Child Policy

Everyone who works with and engages with DJPS has a responsibility to ensure that Children are protected. The policies detailed below are mandatory-

  1. We never abuse and/or exploit a Child or act/behave in any way that places a child at risk of harm.
  2. If the participants are below age of 18 in the proposed skill training, then signatory authority should be mandatory and do not allow to uplift heavy weight that they may have suffered serious harm.
  3. If the participants are lactating mother, she will get some supportive allowance for their baby sitter.
  4. We have Code of Conduct (CoC) detailing appropriate behavior towards Childrenand always treat children in a manner which is respectful of their rights, integrity and dignity, considering their best interests and does not expose them to, or place them at risk of, harm.
  5. We have policy on safe use of images and videos, information pertaining to children, and essential information and consent from parents/guardians. For example: when taking images/pictures during visits, interacting with children or generating stories of children.