May 16, 2022 10:13:25


Deurali Janata Prabidhik Shikshyalaya Pvt. Ltd. (DJPS) is a privately owned and operated Technical college established in 2007. DJPS is registered under Company Registration Office; the Registration Number is 47308/064 and received VAT Certificate No. 302712542. DJPS runs parallel academic PCL Nursing program and TSLC (Agriculture JTA & Veterinary JTA) with the affiliation of CTEVT along with result based market oriented short term skill training. In this scenario, Florence Nightingale Nursing College has been established in 2008 A.D. as a sister concern of DJPS, named after the name of legendary ministering angel “The Lady with the Lamp”, a nursing saint who pioneered modern nursing practices while caring and hope to thousands of wounded British soldiers in the Crimean War (1853-1856), making her solitary nightly rounds at the battle zone hospital with a little lamp in her hand.

The institute is located at Butwal, Sub-metropolitan; ward No.13, Jeetgadhi, Rupandehi, Nepal. The institute lies on the bank of beautiful Tinau River and it covers 0-14-0 Kattha area with 5 storey (22,500 sq. ft.) modern fascinated building and it has 1500 Sq. ft. land area of cafeteria with well facilitated Kitchen and well furnished Dining Hall. The Hostel has peace environment with luxurious management. The institute is fully equipped with training classrooms, laboratory, workshop, and other required facilities.

The main purpose of this institute is “Total Quality Education” for the SLC graduates who can deserve real fruit for their perfect future. DJPS truly believe that learning is not one time injection. So, we basically inhalant that time capsule to breathe a perfect future by developing essential competence and compassionate professionals in their related field by educating continuous incentive process.